Friday, October 21, 2005


silence is good and tamil, there is a saying - mounam sammadham- meaning silence means agreement..

Like a smile can lead to many emotions, Silence too has many connotations, signifies anger, frustration, happiness, agreement, approval, resentment, rebellious,"require time",thinking..gosh! i could go on..

When there is an extended silence, we have the ability to predict in most situations what emotions the silence can for eg. if you and a friend have had a fight, then by not speaking with your friend for a week, one could assume the friend is angry and work towards pacifying him/her..

When you mail your boss regarding your plan for leave or plan on how the sanctioned amount should be spent, and he/she does not reply, you can assume that the plan is approved..otherwise, you would get a call or a reply immediately :D

When you and your parents/ friends disagree on a certain something/issue, and you just walk out or throw a fit (depending on what kind of a person you are), one can assume you are being a rebel..or maybe you just need to think things over..

When you confess love to a loved one, and it is met with a silent smile, its happiness and agreement..

What about when it is none of the above situations? When you pose a question to someone you dont know very well, and it is met with get a response on everything but that statement..I for one in such a situation get curious..just to know exactly what he/she is could very well be any of the emotions stated above, but, how do you find out when theres silence, silence and more silence..


vani sukumar said...

Hi ! I find bloggs have become such an interesting diary ! Yes - I totally agree / Silence gives way to a lot of speculation ! I wish someone I talk to would rather debate / discuss the issue and sort out things and leave me back in peace rather than get into a shell and become sileint ! It kills my peace 'coz I would do anything to retain peace and harmony in relationships - I liked
what you have written ! Great forum for expression ! MOM

Musafir said...

what a way to make your mark, aunty...

i feel that opening up & putting your views across makes things much simpler... the only silence i don't try to break is when someone needs to be alone... many a time u need to give close friends 'space'...

in malayalam there's a saying :
'mounam vidhwanu bhooshanam' - means silence is the mark of a scholar / wise man.... but there is the second part that says : 'adhika mounam pranthinnu lakshanam' - means extended silence may be the sign of the mentally ill

Aparna.G said...

hey musafir..the malayalam saying doesnt apply all the time & to everyone..