Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tracey Whitney

Tracey Whitney is the most brilliant character I've come across...ever! She was etched out to be a "hottie" with brains...the way she led her life, my o my!!

After I read about her, I tried my hand into 'con'ning as well...obviously, I dint succeed..I wouldnt be here blogging if i did.. :D

What impresses me about a Tracey Whitney is that she 'con'ned everyone in her life..and in retrospect it was all common sense (which is apparently not so common) but most importantly, that she never con'ned me...atleast, to date..

Tracey Whitney was the central character of "If Tomorrow Comes" by Sidney Sheldon..she was sent to jail for no fault of hers..she escapes and then, the world was on its toes...

Applying this in reality..

By default, I trust everyone in my life..would trust them with most things at least..once the trust is broken, so is the relationship...and well, lets not get into that nasty world now..

I came in acquaintance with a very helpful person in Kolkata..maybe, a bit too helpful to be true..he was helping me & a colleague with work..neither of us could understand why he was being soo helpful..what mattered to us at the end of the day, was the work got done..alls well that ends well...our work got done,and we moved on with our lives...last monday, i chanced upon him, and he had said that he quit his earlier job 'coz he was going to set up something on his own and start afresh..I was happy for him - afterall, what gives one more satisfaction than doing what you want to do..A few days later, we (my colleague & me) got a call from his previous employer..they informed us, that before he quit, he had swindled upto 1 lakh from them using our company's name...and only both of us represent the company to his was a rude shock...but, it all made sense suddenly..the way he spoke, the way he dealt with work, the way he managed relationships, everything made sense...we asked the employers why they dint check with us before giving him this "commission" and my colleague cannot be affected by the swindle he is into legally, but, knowing him so well and then to hear such a news can be quite a shock..

but, well, i guess, thats what trust does to can make you blind to the can make you blind to the Tracey Whitneys..


Everyman said...

Partner, trust if you want to..but prepare to be let down...hehehe..

Who knows what lurks beneath still waters???

Aparna.G said...


Shabbir said...

Hi, well that novel was great!!! i enjoyed it a lot .....specially the game of chess

Aparna.G said...

o, absolutely..the chess 'con'game was brilliant...nobody saw through it.. :D

the 2nd half of that book was superb..

another book - tell me your dreams, i think.. was also brilliant..too good!!