Tuesday, August 30, 2005

9-5 jobs

Try as i may, but, since I've started working, I am unable to get up early in the morning...early refers to 6.a.m..I always fool myself into thinking, " I will get up tomorrow and go jogging. I need exercise"...but, as usual, comes next day, and I promise myself, " Tomorrow..I will"....this goes on for some time...when my head convinces the body, I cant go against the laws of nature, I eat lesser, hoping & thinking, " I should go on a low carb diet or maybe no fried stuff..." Unable to decide which of the two diets I should go on, my head fights with my heart and stomach - as always, the stomach wins..the fried stuff goes down my throat - finger chips/pakoda/bajji...yummmmmm...

Come to office...and I always tell myself, " These are the things I need to get done today..Monday reports; Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday & Friday are spent in preparing for Monday's report... :D Basically, thats all I do..good life eh?! and I dont need a checklist for this..it just gets done, one way or the other...at worst, at the nth miute on Monday afternoon, I am cramming to send the report in by 3.p.m. - thats the deadline..

Being away from my hometown, I dont know many people here...and during weekdays, there arent many things one can do outside office everyday..so, I rather stay here...that way, I can blog, chat and do so many other things in the name of work...* he he ...victory laugh..muhahahahaha *

Ever since the concept of working entered my head (when I was in 8th standard maybe -all of 13) , I never wanted to get into a regular 9-5 jobs..ofcourse, back then, I would picture office to be like a government office with loads of paper work and oldies all around...Back to reality - comes my time to work, and here I am..into a 9-5 job...I actually like this lifestyle, coz, not only do I get paid for doing nothing much, but, I get time to do productive work like blogging...
* he he..victory laugh..muhahhahaha *

By the time I return home, the travel exhausts me so much ( coz, thats about the only exercise I get while walking to the metro station) , people at home think I have slogged all day, and go nuts pampering me..
* he he..victory laugh...muhahahahah *

Life is good...9-5 jobs rule...well, atleast as long as I do as much work as I do...& like I always sign off, "Gotta go dude..lotsa work pending..."
* he he...victory laugh...muhahahhhahahah *

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Musafir said...

* he he..victory laugh... muhahahahah *

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