Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Music & how it heals...o boy!!!

Music is a stress buster..O, the way its bursts my stress...

I have a song for almost every occassion...everytime I am down and out, I have a song in my head that can help me out like nothing else can...and the song just pops in my head...and its so appropriate..

When I was in school, I had a royal pain for a teacher..she always put me down in front of my classmates....and out pops the song:
Khambe jaise khadi hain..
Ladki hain ya chhadi hain..
440 volt hain..
chuna hain manaa..
(Courtesy - Dil - *ing Aamir Khan & Madhuri Dixit)
as long as I hummed on it, life was great!

Where I last worked, I had a boss,with whom my relations were tarred, and I felt harassed...both of us quit the job eventually, but, while at it, everytime I saw her or heard her name, I would sing in my head:
U r not the boss of me now..
U r not the boss of me now..
& u'r not so biiigg
(Courtesy - Malcolm in the middle)

& When i need to beleive in myself and motivate myself & there is noone to motivate me & I really need to be motivated:
I believe I can fly..
I believe I can touch the sky..
Think about it every night & day..
Spread my wings and fly away...
(The best part of this song is the aaaaaaaaaa that Kelly hits off!)(Courtesy - R.Kelly)

At office, I just hum...and I am amazed at how it spreads to everyone else...the mood really does change...

Moral of the blog - when you r stressed, happy, angry, sad, need to be motivated - SING..

and it doesnt matter how bad your voice is..the song always sounds good...


Musafir said...

the heart, one can say, is a music station.... n a good one at that !!!

it can tune in to any station that we need to & can make others want to tune into yours too...

music of the heart... boy oh boy !!

Jana said...

Its true ! I also recall songs. Its a major healing technique i use when i am stressed. Everytime when i go and visit places some song will catch hold of me and stays for the life time. Later whenever i hear those songs i simply close my eyes and go to that place which i have visited long back. I enjoy doing this. Really Music plays a vital role in our life.