Thursday, August 18, 2005


throughout life, we spread the message to everyone about our identity...we try to establish our image in society..keep up to expectations..raise our self-esteem..
all for what? and whom??

if you look at yourself from a 'holistic' perspective..from a worldly are an organism..

I havent had a fondness for numbers, since I've known their existence..but, everywhere you go, your name is a secondary identity, the first is your number:

Population count - you are the one millioneth ( for e.g.)
You live in - plot no. 24
you live on - 5th main road
in your organisation - you are your employee number - 140506 - you have a no for Provident Fund,Gratuity, superannuation no..
for the govt you are - PAN card no
for your friends you are - your mobile no / landline
for your family you are - (apart from most of the above) your birthdate
for the theater owner - you are the 1000th who gave him business that day
for the shop owner - you are the first customer
for the nationalised banks - you are your atm no, your pin no, your tin no..

get the message, i hope..

after all this, you hear...your number is unique to you?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

& we spend all our lives telling people our names, all about our profession, all about ourselves!!

Wake Up!!! The Matrix has engulfed you & me...


Everyman said...

With all these numbers, Aparna, I wonder if we are unique after all???

I s'pose we still are..we are organisms after all..each with its own feelings and desires..shouldnt let go of these two...

Musafir said...

i am reminded of the mobile ad (idea,is it- or airtel??)....the numbers vanish & the names appear...

well,ultimately we're more than a figment of someone's imagination...

to the system tht surrounds us,we are just numbers cos i think the system interprets us & understands us in its own language,the language of numbers... it cannot think or understand beyond that...

but for the people around us, we are still what we really are, names, interests, hobbies, profession,our past present n futre... cos we feel & think & understand n desire.... we connect

guess tht makes us unique !!!

Dipanjan said...

You echo the words of Antonio de Saint Exupery in The Little Prince, where he explains how humans comfort themselves with numbers and how it helps them to put into perspective the complexity of things that surround them... if you are intelligent enough, you do not need any numbers.