Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Starting afresh

I have always wanted to start afresh...anew..dont know the place or the people...just explore...My wish was granted, time and again..

Going to trivandrum was a fresh start..a new company..a new place ( quite conservative at that)..new people..new job profile..it dint take me long, cause I clicked with one girl, who helped me around..Things were smooth..

I started afresh again 6 months later when I came to Kolkata..far away from home..one city i never imagined visiting, leave alone working..new place..I had the company guest house to stay at for 2 months, so, it was ok..I got a royal treatment, in fact..New people at office...new city..new locality..new job profile..new life..

I started afresh again on Independence day..I moved out of the company quarters into a paying guest home..I actually moved in with a family..New people..new locality..I had gotten comfortable with the enviornment, had set into a 'comfort zone'..& had to move to 'stretch zone' again..While I was packing my stuff, I found it odd..somehow, I thought I would miss the place, and regretted wanting to stay back in Kolkata for a minute second..

I start afresh with new people at work every 2 months..

I have realised..its taken me lesser time each time to start afresh..to start anew...I love the experience & am beginning to reconsider my long term plans....my dreams, ideas, hopes can all be relooked at by assuring my near and dear ones about my comfort in the stretch zone!!!!

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Musafir said...

as the sayin goes - today is the first day of the rest of my life...