Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random thoughts

- Leaving Mumbai is going to be very difficult. I will miss this city so much; its variety, life, entertainment, and my family here..
- Leaving my job after 2 years. I have no regrets at this one. My job scene is looking up.
- Going back home after 2 years to stay with my folks. Mixed emotions.
- Honesty is not a policy, taking insurance is.
- Culture has 4 ‘ingredients’ – values, norms, institutions & artifacts.
- Like the movie 2046, 1503 is mine (in a strange way).
- Blogs are stress relievers.
- We are generation-next.
- The world is unfair, especially to women. I am not a feminist, but, I do believe in ‘Equality’, and fighting for it makes me seem like a ‘rebel’.
- I believe in the power of love from a human being rather than God, is that a wrong?
- We are the future society, and we are changing mindsets, just that we don’t know it. Like the term – ABCDs (American Born Confused Desis), I think we are at times a generation of IBCDs (Indian Born Confused Desis).
- Money is a very delicate topic to deal with. Either you have it or you don’t.
- Setting up a house is a tough job. Its like software – you need to understand requirements, design a code, deploy and umpteen people are employed for maintenance.
- Parents love you, no matter what.
- Good friends can be thicker than blood relations.
- Books are the best things that happened to/by mankind.
- Taboo topics are no more taboo. Many others are.
- The change in life of a close friend affects everyone around him/ her.
- Perception is the beginning & almost the end to understanding people. I think this is the strongest foundation.
- Humor is the best gift one can be born with.
- I can’t remember jokes for the life of me.
- I have shifted from drinking tea to just plain milk from the vending machine in the hope of losing weight, and I got to loose oodles of it.
- Surprises are not always good.
- Don’t keep reminders for birthdays of family / siblings. If the phone conks, you forget the birthday and it goes down in history.
- Erehwon is in everyway ME.


Everyman said...

Way to go partner! Now this is the way to look at things :-)

Surprises not always good!!U can say that again..

zoxcleb said...

hey.. leaving bombay?
how come? u have my offline contact? use it...

and cheer up a bit.. u sounding low.. not the bubbly apu that i kept hearing abt...

AmitL said...

hehehe...Aparna(Just using the best gift..humor,to begin the comment)..that's one interesting list of points to ponder.Agree with a lot of them,like,blogs are stress relievers,books are the best things,etc.:)Unusual is the drinking tea one...how much tea were u drinking?:)

A said...

-Yes we are the generation next, but this 'next' comes/goes too soon...so it'll shortly be "Gone Too Soon..."
-Yes ABCD's isto IBCD's,so as The Insrcutable Americans to The 'Inured' Indians, The Argumentative 1's etc etc.
-Yes perception is begining and end of understanding ppl, but swapping perspectives help :)

P.S. You leaving Mumbai/Job...& here i thought of meeting someday :

Varun Sadana said...

ironically, u can add to the list this one, "its easier to write a blog, difficult to comment on someone else's blog!"

btw, fyi, (and yes thats trivial) i could not agree more with all of what is written here

Varun Sadana said...

Btw, one more thing, i wanted to ask u what ErehwoN meant, by any chance, its Anti Nowhere (the alphabetical opposite of erehwon, meaning, "i know what am doing" types?

Aparna Kar said...

Loved it :)
- The world is unfair, especially to women. I am not a feminist, but, I do believe in ‘Equality’, and fighting for it makes me seem like a ‘rebel’.
- I believe in the power of love from a human being rather than God, is that a wrong?

Varun Sadana said...

Lady, i read in AK's blog that u have a cousin who's got tattoo done. Well can I please have a bit more info, Now the constraint is the time, I have a day, cause tomorrow am most for sure going! F1 F1
i can be mailed at varunsadana (at) gmail (dot) com

Aparna.G said...

@Everyman - Thats my 2nd name now - Aparna 'Surprises are not always good'.... :-)

@zoxcleb - Yeah, left Mumbai for better work - Quit TCS to work with a Social Entrepreneur; love the work, miss Mumbai like crazie!

@amitl - oh,it was a LOOOOT of tea, lets leave it at that! :-p

Aparna.G said...

@a - I will come to Mumbai, asap! Now, i have another reason! :-D

@varun - thanks man!!

@aparna - no wonder we share a name! We think alike!! :-D

@varun - where do u live? Can give u more details based on that!

Aparna.G said...

@varun - ok, which blog can i read?