Saturday, April 07, 2007


I am thinking about… all the good times with my friends.. with family, when the 5 of us were together.. the choices I’ve made.. what the future beholds.. life.. career.. hobbies..

I said... an apology, but, it wasn’t accepted.. a joke, and everyone laughed.. ‘Yes it is’..

I want away from here with my soulmate E.. become more emotionally strong.. have more time on my hands to do all the things I want to do, and have no tensions to worry about.. earn a good living, and support myself.. travel around the world..

I wish... I could spend some time, like the good ol’ carefree days with my friends, not all at the same place, but, sitting at the same spots we used to hang out at, doing all the things we used to, being the way we were, laughing away at silly jokes..

I hear... my soul pleading me to get some peace..

I wonder.. what will happen in the future?

I regret... nothing..

I am... confused..

I dance... for myself, in my head; for when it translates into action, I am not as elegant as I must be..

I sing... only in my head!

I cry... very easily these days.. which I try not to do.. So, everytime my eyes well up, I tell myself, “No, don’t cry!”, par kambakht, manta hi nahi..

I am not always.. careful.. offlate in fact, I have been ‘Ms. Butterfingers’ herself.. broke R's photoframe (which was a gift) :-(

I make with my hands... Tea, Maggi..

I write... sometimes to release my hurt & frustrations.. It gives me an instant relief.. Blogging has to be the best thing that has happened to me..

I confuse… myself with the umpteen choices I throw up to myself..

I need... love, affection, peace, happiness, warmth.. my old friends around me more than anything else.. someone who understands me..

P.S – this is a borrowed idea from Everyman's blog (who had got tagged from his blogger friend), so we don't know the origin of this idea.. Having said that, the thoughts are Mine!
So, tell me about you..


ayeayeal said...

I...appreciate good posts,and this is a good one,Aparna.:)*grin* at making with ur hands-tea and maggi(I'd say something similar.haha)..also,good to see u regret nothing...way to go.:)AmitL(

Everyman said...

Hey!! I'd posted a comment on this a few days back, but i dont see it now!!!

This is a very personal tag eh ..really makes u think a lot abt urself..

U better do sthin abt those butterfingers of yours :) see ya soon!

A S H I S H said...

As a matter of fact, these 4 lines from song Affirmation (Savage Garden) is splendid, for "I"...:

I believe in Karma wat u give is what u get returned,
I believe u can't appreciate real love till u've been burned,
I believe that Grass is no more Greener on the other side,
I believe u don't knw what u've got until u say GoodBye...

Wish you all luck in your soul-searching Aparna...My experience has been (and is...still) excoriating so far...Hope is the only friend (can't find anyone else's help)...That's why find this "I" thing quite disturbing, sometimes. Appreciate you regret...nothing.

Jimmy said...

Ah, thou art back from thine Sabbatical! That's sooo coool!
Glad to know that you are fine but, hey! Why are you confused when you regret nothing?
Just take the right turn and go ahead, fly away if you must. Don't worry, you won't regret it tomorrow either :)

zoxcleb said...

u egotist ;-)

Ships said...

nice post... i know u r happy n i'm sure u'll be happier!