Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Its strange.. I always thought I could deal with disappointments.. “throw them at me and I will be fine!” was what I thought I told the world.. This year seems to be that year when everyone is throwing disappointments at me..

Now now now.. Its not that I cant handle them.. I have understood a few things though:
a.Disappointments are disappointing ‘cause of the bubbles it bursts
b.Disappointments are unintentional
c.Disappoint… are unexpected
d.Disapp.. are not something we ‘look forward to’
e.Disa.. are something we are never prepared enough for
f.Di.. are a part of life

They come in ranges too.. “Very disappointing”.. “A little disappointing”.. “Damn Disappointing”.. end of the matter is, it is DISAPPOINTING!!

Why do I stress on the word so much? ‘Cause of points c – f. We talk so much about life, and how its so beautiful, and all the lovely things we have to do.. so much to explore.. so much to work towards.. so much to hope for..

Actually, when I think about it, I think I understand why the activists are constantly disappointed?! ‘Cause every day, every minute, they hope to set their flag and conquer the hope mountain.. they hope that someone up there in the high authority seat will listen and heed and talk and solve issues..

& that is when our disappointment goes up.. coz, well, face it, nobody does solve your problems.. It’s a world where you fight your own battles.. relationships may be tarred, loved ones may be lost, but, if you want to remain tall on the mountain, all you really have to cling on to, is Hope!

Hope – such a positive word, isn’t it? So filled with energy, enthusiasm, excitement, love, passion, beauty, freshness, and hope..

All we all have is Hope! That is all we have.. Hope that tomorrow, things will be fine.. hope that one day, things will be fine.. Hope that someday, things will be fine..

Its not strange anymore.. It is true.. I can handle disappointments.. 'cause I have Hope.. I have loads of it..


Jimmy said...

What came first, disappointment or hope?
This one's worse than the chicken and egg question, believe me. Because hope, when not entirely fulfilled, gives way to disappointment. It then clears the way for a ray of hope which then causes disappointment, again. And round and round it goes ... TRA LA LA LA! (But mind you, the process could start with disappointment also.)
But then, like you, I also like hope better - though i strongly suspect that the two have ganged up to make a fool out of me..

Aparna.G said...

@jimmy - that is interesting.. dint quite think about it that way.. Hope & Disappointment are infact a vicious circle!!! There is no winner, but, if u think abt it, there is a winner..

If you stay disappointed longer, well D.. wins & if you have more Hope, then Hope wins.. Looks to me like a Good over Bad concept..

But, I am with you - Hope all the way.. Coz, while Hope is probably the one that gets u disappointed, it is also the only one that can get u out of it! :))

AmitL said...

Hi,Aparna,that's a nice post..yes,the best way to handle disappointments is to have hope. Of course,there's a thin dividing line between hope and expectations,and,I always feel the root cause of disappointments is high expectations.

A S H I S H said...

Very nicely dissected through...One reality about disappointments are that on the road ahead, dont-know-why, they meet some ppl quite often than others...while these 'others' cross Mr disappointment before realizing it, for the rest it lingers a little longer...

And as for Hope...here r few unforgettable words from The Shawshank Redemption:
"Hope...is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies..."

Gud Luck.

Everyman said...

There's a lovely song called Helplessly Hoping..by CSN..i think u have it..listen to it sometime :)

Saltwater Blues said...

dont we all ... sometimes i wonder for how long!

GuNs said...

Hope makes the world go around, doesnt it?

On the other hand, disappointment drives innovation and it is the fuel to drive a person to ultimate perfection. Its good in a way too.