Saturday, March 18, 2006

The REAL celebrations of Life...

A winter evening.
Four friends.
One barsaat.
Four glasses of chai.

Hundred bucks of gas.
A rusty old bike.
And an open road.

Maggi noodles.
A hostel room.
4.25 a.m.

3 old friends.
3 separate cities.
3 coffee mugs.
1 internet messenger.

Rain on a hot tin roof.
Pakoras deep-frying.
Neighbours dropping in.
A party.

You and mom.
A summer night.
A bottle of coconut oil.
A head massage.
Gossiping about absent family members.

You can spend
hundreds on birthdays,
thousands on festivals,
lakhs on weddings,
but to celebrate
all you have to spend is your Time.


ramu said...

so is preaching only for others

Everyman said...

Loved this...and errmm..which is the 'rusty' old bike???? U better be referring to a bike that is not blue..


PS: one that i would like to add:

3 friends
After dinner
Outside the hostel 'mess'
1 cigarette

claytonia vices said...

Yesss, real celebrations of life!

Just the other day I was part of
3 old friends
Chaitanya mess on FC road
Yummy parathas
Pan shop outside!

It felt so good!

Grey Shades said...

Whoa! That was so refreshing lady! Loved the one abt internet messenger :)

Aparna.G said...

Hi Ramu,

Thanks for visiting..

I am preaching? Dont quite understand what you have written... :D

Aparna.G said...

He he shain... not referring to your bike - I wouldnt dare! :D

Aparna.G said...

hey claytonia..

looks like u got a good life yummy parathas! yummm!!

Aparna.G said...

thanks GS..

zoxcleb said...

and so relevant these days.. suddenly catching up with friends not seen or heard from for 8 yrs!!

Aparna.G said...

hey zoxcleb..


8 years is a long time..but, time just zips by and leaves only memories..."yaadien bas yaadien reh jaati hain, chhoti chhoti baatein rah jaati hain"

zoxcleb said...

thats true..
but somehow that never comes up whe we talk..
its all about now.. :-)

unforgiven said...

. Two bottles of Red Label at Duty Free: Rs 1100
. 4 packs of cigarettes: Rs. 200
. Two bottles of 2L pepsi: Rs. 84
. Three best friends, discussing the meaning of life at 2am in the morning: Priceless

Aparna.G said...

@Unforgiven - Priceless!!