Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I am at one of those phases in life when I find the need to shut off from this world of blogging.. a phase when I have too many thoughts, and I don’t want to disclose them.. These thoughts are random & unconnected, but very precious to me, to the core me..

I have changed over the years… Life was so different when I used to study here.. It does not mean that I don’t enjoy myself now, I do, just in ways so different, it dint occur to me.. and if I look at myself from the outside, I see ‘me’ changing.. A huge part of me lives in the old Chennai.. a part lives in Trivandrum, a part in Kolkata, and a major part in Mumbai.. this new ‘me’ is and has to be, by circumstance, very different.. and I feel like I don’t know this person at all.. Its going to take time to get to know her…Time has come to say ‘Goodbye’ for now.. I will see you when I have moved on…

Until then,


zoxcleb said...

it'll be sad to not have ur comments around....
hope ur moulting happens quickly...

tc.. and have fun

GuNs said...

I thought people write blogs to put down their confessions and their confusions on paper, on view - something they can't or don't do anywhere else. Stopping blogging for the exact same reason only seems like an antithesis.

Maybe you will reconsider, maybe you wont. Best of luck in either case.


A said...

Something puzzling, but yet hmm maybe-gud to hear frm you.
Just some song lines caught me in here:

"...In a telescope lens,
With the windows all closed...
...I'll be doing my best,
And I'll see you soon..."

Btw would like you to read my last know but somehow relates to this all.

tata, n hopefully See Ya on a bright sunny day!

Smokin Joe said...

Well cant say not to do it, but it was good to have u and ur more traveled thoughts around!

finding thyself said...

Guess I will never know the story behind your blog name - 'EREHWON'.
NoWhere... Here Now.

Arunima said...

arre! what is this? I just came...

Apugonnab said...

@arunima - i blog at these days.. :-)

Apugonnab said...

@finding.. It was just that - Erehwon - Now here - Nowhere.. Its all in one! :-)

I blog at these days :-)

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