Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chak De

It’s a must watch for any sportswoman who has been or is or wants to be…

Another movie that is as inspiring as this is a tamil movie based on an athelete – ‘Ashwini Nachappa’..

Ashwini Nachappa was a great inspiration for me in those days!!! I used to watch the movie before an athletic meet… just to get inspired! Now you call it filmy, or motivation – but, I always came away with a medal or two after watching her…

I was a sportswoman by birth… Any game I took to, I gave my life for it.. Ask my mother for anecdotes, and she will tell you of times when she was scared of my guts to perform, no matter what!

Another amazingly inspirational movie was ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’… more than the last race, this movie was about the spirit to win.. the passion to prove a point to the world..All these movies have a common thread – the last match – the deciding match – the hero or heroine always win!

But, to me, what’s inspiring about them is not the last match… it’s all the effort that has been put into that match.. & unless you have played a game, got training like that, and felt that team spirit, the movie wont come alive to you like it came to me..

I was not the average teenage girl.. Instead of fussing over makeup, I fussed over the cricket bat I wanted to buy for Diwali.. I did not like to dress up for occasions and look pretty.. I wanted to be in my jeans & play with the boys..

I gained a lot from Sports.. I grew up learning to work in a team.. learning about Sportsmanship.. about motivation.. learnt that ‘how you play’ is more important than ‘who wins’.. learnt that the coach has advice to give you, and you must listen to the coach, if you want to win… learnt about responsibilities and commitments.. learnt about variety in a task.. learnt about learning new ways to do a particular task is very important.. learnt about studying strategies & patterns.. learnt about strengths & weaknesses, and how to harness it or work on it.. learnt about egos & what it can do to a game.. learnt about passion for a task.. I had gained a lot of inner strength by the time I moved to my workplace..

I was very active in sports until I started working..I applied all my ‘learning’ at the workplace with ease as I had grown up understanding the world through my games.. But I realized, reality is different from my gaming world.. I had accepted everything I learnt in a game as true to the business world too...

I thought my coach knew everything .. I thought my team will cooperate.. I thought that we play for one company/ country with one goal – to win as a team.. I assumed a lot and it worked against me…

Reality is harsh.. I couldn’t continue playing or take it up as a profession coz I could not have earned a living with it.. So, I had to find other things I love to do, and move on..

Its past quarter-time now.. Its been a tough game.. My strategy has to change…

Chak De!!


GuNs said...

Our Unit head once told us in an introduction meeting that he used to be a football player and a table tennis player well into middle age but he had quit because he was too busy with work.

I was a newbie who had just finished college and joined the company and I said "Once a sportsman, always a sportsman, I've always believed".

He played in the table tennis tournament we conducted a few months later and ended up as a runner up. He also a part of our TT team in an inter-company tournament. He also played and kept goal at our football tournament. He's almost 50, I guess.

Get the gist?


Aparna.G said...

@ guns - I do, I do.. I agree.. Once a sports man or woman... always a sports man or woman!! :-)

AmitL said...

Hi,Aparna...grt to see a post from you after quite some've been quite a sportswoman.And, your reasons for not pursuing sports are the same-they don't help you earn a living.Re. working life,believe me,I was the same,as were you,as were many others- very trusting,expecting things and people to work as a team...until someone gave me the golden thought' First,safeguard yourself,then,your team,then,your company'...I loved Chak De India,too...wouldn't mind seeing it again.(Read my review on my blog)

AmitL said...

Awaiting the next post.:)

Arunima said...

my school did not encourage sports that much.

Everyman said...

We watched it on the net here in Riyadh..abt 7 of us..late intot he night..

We were more interested in Preeti Sabarwal and Komal..and ofcourse, Vidya and errmm..the senior player (dont remember her name in the movie)...

U shd always play..I miss sports now..and play is limited to need for speed on my company laptop..its not a bad game though:-)

A said...

You knw what the Olympic creed states...that the most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle...essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well...

Quite cliched but the sublime truth that shud be recalled while playing at workplace or at ground...

Life is and will always be a Cruel Game...
I feel imp thing is playing with a true Olympic spirit!...Whoever the coach and whatever the strategy, the goal is...

Aparna Gonibeed said...

@arunima - oh! you have no idea what u missed out on! the school should be banned, i say!!

@everyman - yeah, well, it was a struggle to play outside home.. but, now that i am here, dad & i get to play shuttle every evening.. its awesome!! :-)

@a - i am with u on that.. completely! in fact, have u read the all too famous story about the olypmics for the disabled? About how the winner stopped to pick up his friend who had fallen down.. Thanks for visiting.. :-)

Cap'n Helga said...

hockey! gurbaj *purr*! tusshar *thud*!

so what's better? chak de or ASIA CUP? do tell!

*dancing to a diff drummer* chinks...shirtless...6-pack..

Aparna Gonibeed said...

@cap'n helga - 6pack!! tushar! gubraj!!! 20-0!! what a match to miss, i say! darn it!!! :-(

Grey Shades said...

So i hear you met the Mandira bedi of the Hockey world :)

Aparna Gonibeed said...

@GS : hehehehehehehehe!! LOL!! O yeah!! It was damn funny!! We are now the 'newest small screen sensation'!!! :-)) i gather u r up to date on the paparazzi!

Have u shifted?

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