Sunday, November 12, 2006

Size Matters

It was a saturday evening..We had just finished seeing 'Don' and we had some time before we met another friend for dinner.. My friend Everyman & I were in a mall & I was 'window shopping'.. We went into a opticals store, and I tried on umpteen shades.. nothing seemed good..then, I got a kajal stick & lip gloss.. and then, suddenly, there was an urge to buy some good clothes..

I saw this store that said, "Ladies top -Rs.199" .. Boy! The shopper in me awoke after deep slumber, and in a looot of enthusiasm, I walked in & asked the shop owner to show me some ladies tops..

He looked me up & down once, and said, "Aapki size nahi hai" (we dont have ur size)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said, "Huh? What?" & then, he repeated so I could hear it loud & clear.. "Aapki size nahi hai"!!!!!!!!!!!

How on earth does this bugger know my size? was question no.1
What a cheap Bas&%@# he must be to 'know' my size by looking at me was thought no.1
How the F*&^% does he know my size? was question & thought no. 2

What If.. I was buying for a friend - as a salesman, he just put me off completely!
What If.. I like tight fitting clothes..
What If.. I plan to lose weight in the near future & wear this string of cloth someday (in private, if it comes to)..

How the F*&% would that Bas@#!* know? Is my question..

I am offended.. I want to get back at that shopkeeper Ass$#@! - how?


Anonymous said...

I give u 2 solutions....
1. Walk in again today, say your shopping for a friend, get him to pull out his entire wardrobe, take a good 1/2 hour of his time, n then say...."errrrr......hmmmm....errrr....aapke paas unka size nahin hain !" n then scoot baby scoootttt....
2. Wear a really really skimpy top, take a friend along, stand outside his store, act as if your eating ice-cream, n then tell your friend, "Hey ya, how do I look in this...U know what, it belongs to my sister, whose a good 4 years younger to me !! Nice nooooooooo"...Loud enough for him to hear is the key !!!

Anonymous said...

aap se vinti hai ki kripiya abhadr vakyo ka prayoug nahi kijiye.

English: Kind Request not to use abusive words.

Everyman said...

Partner, i think ajax has a good idea..may be u shd try it out next time..what say this weekend?????

Vikas said...

=)) :)) :)) :)) :))..u made me laugh..

but i say u have reacted there its its like "raat gayee baat gayee"...any ways ajax has good idea...just go and make him to pull all pairs ..

Anonymous said...

Oh well you can take a friend along with you who's 'not your size'. Ask the idiot to show lotsa stuff and then walk out saying aapke paas kuch bhi khaas nahin hai! :)

Aparna.G said...

@everyman - no going back there! just scoffs at such incorrigable behavior!!

@vikas & ajay - he dint pull out even one! why wil he pull out many!! but, wil try it the next time!

@GS- hehe... hmmmm! & maybe then, he wil know how it feels!

@anonymous - think i mistook u for someone else.. sorry! plz keep coming to my blog! thanks for visiting!

Shabbir said...

F's and B's by came as a surprise to me.

Anonymous said...

I am astonished to see F*&% and Bas@#!* coming from you for only one reason: this post just does not jell with any other post of your blog.
You must have been terribly upset at the time of writing your post.

Aparna.G said...

@ Shabbir & Candid - I was very very offended! & just one thought on my mind.. one way to vent my anger - the blog!

Yes, I was very upset - I havent been spoken to like that, and I dint know how to respond! I get tongue-tied when I am upset..

But, point taken.. foul language is not 'me'..