Monday, September 25, 2006

Eventfully Uneventful

Come the weekend, and I had no plans in mind – surprising? Well, that’s me!

Anyway, so, Saturday was spent in shopping & lunch with one friend, coffee with another, shopping for myself and dinner with Tom Hanks – Philadelphia!

Sunday was a whole new story altogether!! My friend S woke me up at 9.55 A.M – we had decided to watch * & Obelix @ 10.30 A.M. I dint want to miss the usual luxuries of a Sunday morning, so I carry my first cup of tea & newspaper with me and rush to the theater. Both of us reach Fun Republic by 10.25 A.M. – just rushing in to the counter!

Counter Boy (CB) : Good morning Sir, which movie would you like to watch?
S – Ya, Hey.. Good morning – 2 tickets to * & Obelix @ 10.30 please..
CB : Uh.. Sorry Sir – we just cancelled it!
S - You what???
CB - Uh, We cancelled it!!
S - @*%r@# What???? Why?? Don’t you announce that in the papers?
CB – Uh.. Sorry Sir – you are the only one who wants to watch the movie. So, we just cancelled the show!!
S is dumbstruck, and walks away. Enter Aparna G
AG – You cannot do this to me! I come rushing on a Sunday morning with my first cup of tea to enjoy * & Obelix, and you CANCEL it??? You should have cancelled earlier! How can you do it now? Play it for us!! What the !@#W@$
CB – Uh, Sorry Maam. Its already been cancelled
AG- Don’t keep saying that! Its cancelled! Its cancelled! Cant you check and uncancel it now?
CB –Uh ,Sorry Maam.. would you like to watch Pyaar ke side effects
AG- NOOOOO! I dont want to watch Pyar..
CB – Ghosla … @ 12.30
AG – Dude, its 10.30 – give me a show running now!
CB – How about this horror flick?
AG – (in horror) You want me to watch a horror flick on Sunday morning??? What’s wrong with you? You should have cancelled that! I don’t watch horror on anyday, you want me to watch it on Sunday morning when I wanted to watch *……
Play my movie - * & Obelix
CB – Uh, sorry Maam!
Guy standing next to me is giggling – I stare at him, and he is all smiles now!!
I am flustered!

I trot off towards S who is standing far away – embarrassed! I am saying (in an apparently loud voice, which I realized only later) – OK, So, what now?

Imagine the scene – 2 frustrated souls in a movie complex on Sunday morning – 1 with tea and a newspaper in hand, and the other filled with angst! I start drinking my tea and begin to read my newspaper, and feel a bit better about the whole situation..(guess the bitter got the better of me) I offer him some! & then, it strikes us, that we can atleast catch good breakfast somewhere!

So, we are on our way:
AG –OK, Theres Mocha, Taj Lands End, Hyatt..
S – Are you paying?
AG – (sheepish grin) – Ummm, lets go dutch!
S – OK.. So, lets go to crepe world – you get the best pancakes there! Its in Juhu!
AG - OOO, Yummmm! Okie..Lets go!
I called to an auto 2 miles away from us going in the opposite direction to stop and turn around and come & take us to Crepe World – The autoguy just nods, and says No! I am waiting, wondering, “Is he coming or what?” while S is sitting in an auto behind me!!

On our way:
S- Damn it! How can they cancel it?
AG – O well, shit happens! This time around, it was only a movie! Yea! & Turns out, you were the only one in entire Mumbai who wanted to watch the movie!
S – Ok, you want to have a south Indian breakfast at Shiv Sagar?
AG – NOOO! Pancakes!! Crepe world!!
S –OK, Fine!

We reach Crepe world..

AG –OO, what a beautiful place..
We settle down and see the menu
AG – 1 plate of pancakes for 130 Rs? (in shock) – I look at S
S- Ya, what do you expect? I said we could go to Shiv Sagar, but nooo.. You wanted to come here
AG – Look, Pancakes could have been dosas, had I known this was soo expensive!!
S had a Spanish omlette & I had my pancakes! We got watermelon juice (on the house!- it comes complimentary with the breakfast)!! I am flustered!

S – “Have you told anyone we were going to watch this movie? ‘cause, we can just pretend we had planned for breakfast”
AG – Uh..No, I told too many people! You know what, If I call them now, and tell them what happened, they can make fun of me, and then I will be OK. Lemme call someone now
S- (snatches my phone, cancels my call and says ) ARE YOU MAD??

5 minutes later – he is on ISD relating the incident to his friend on the phone!! What the @#$#@$ I am flustered!!

Later in the day, my roomy & I go shopping. At the billing counter, we realize we have overspent – I am still just a bit ahead of what I had budgeted for, but, my roomy had overspent! She suddenly realizes (only at that minute) that I owed her tons of money, and so I could just pay this bill and clear all accounts! I am flustered!! I pay!

We get home by 8 – and the fridge is overdue for a defrosting routine!
AG – We should defrost the fridge
D – O ya, lets do it in the morning. It will only take 15 minutes
AG – 15 minutes? Are you sure? No, I think it takes much longer
D – O, I know.. I have done it at home (unlike me, she has spent a little bit more time in the kitchen, and I give her credit!)
AG – Well, ok..if its only 15 minutes, lets do it now.. or I will do it. Just take all the stuff & switch it off, right?
D –Uh, ya..come, lets get to it
AG –(looking at the fridge )– damn! My curd is gonna go, milk is gonna go waste..bread..o crap! All our stock is gonna go
D- Nah! Don’t worry. ( she is not looking at the fridge)
AG – OK. I have taken it all out. Lets give some to our neighbour to keep in the fridge till tomorrow, cause I think this is going to take some time
D - O, No No ..those guys wont get up in the morning! So, lets just keep it out. We will get milk tomorrow morning! & You can buy curd later!
AG – Well ok. So, here goes nothing. We switch it off
Both of us watch the fridge in awe – (Is it melting? Is that it? But, there is no switch that says, “DEFROST!” Hmmmm.. I hope its okay!!)

15 minutes later:
D – Uh, Looks like this is gonna take some more time..

1 hour later
D- I guess it will be okay by tomorrow morning

The next morning:
I wake up – walk into the kitchen to make my tea, and the whole place is filled with water!

The fridge is now de-frosted! I am flustered!


zoxcleb said...

hehehe .. hahahaha... hehehe .. hahaha...

sorry! cuould not help it!

Everyman said...

LOrrrl Appu - What Everyman achieves in a week, you achieve in just a day!!!! One difference though, I dont feel flustered..for me it's just that familiar feeling :-D

Pancakes for 130..errmm...but hey, they were yummy right, and you got orange juice for free!!! See!!!

Grey Shades said...

If i laffed any harder i'm gonna fall off my chair! :D But yes... a rather interesting weekend!

Shabbir said...

The Art of writing mundane things in an extra ordinary way-By Aparna Gonibeed.

Anonymous said...

funny things happen to all the time dont they.

AJ{ax} said...

Am i Defrosted upon reading this or what !

Shantnu said...


fregin awesome!!


Hope you have many more days like these!!

claytonia vices said...

Nobody wanted to watch * and Obelix????? What has the world come to?????