Monday, June 19, 2006

Six Degrees

This is the first time I've been tagged...and what a topic to get tagged on for a first tag - 6 wierd things about you?!?! Shortcomings/wierd goes:

1. I cant help staring in disbelief at people who eat a 'dosa' with a fork & knife!
2. I dont have any logical conclusions to my thoughts - its just that - thoughts..
3. I am highly organised for sometime, and highly disorganised for sometime during the year
4. I have a 'time limit' for sleep & food, and if it passes that time, I cant sleep or dont feel hungry - if I stay awake till 3 for e.g., I would rather not sleep if I have a full day ahead, and if I dont get food by 22.30(23.00 max), I dont feel hungry anymore..
5. I can go chatting a dime to a dozen on the phone one minute & be extremely silent when I meet you the next minute..
6. I have friends who are any day more wierd than I am!! :DD

My turn! My turn!! & I refuse to stop at 6!! Muhahahahahahaha!! (Wicked laugh)
I tag:
1. Zoxcleb
2. GS
3. Ajax
4. R (you can leave it as a comment on my post :D)
5. Arunima
6. Anwesha
7. Ishy
8. Unforgiven
9. Drishyanvesh (I know everyman has already tagged u, this is a double tag!! :D)

If you choose to get tagged on this topic, just let me know, so the next time around, I can tag you!!! :D

Ciao people!!


Grey Shades said...

You forgot the one about you getting somewhere in certain number of minutes and its fractions! ;)

Everyman said...

That ws fast! Am sure Musafir wd concur abt ur food 'timings'..reminds me of an article in RD ..titled .."You are WHEN you eat"

Aparna.G said...

@GS- u made it there in 3.25, u shd add it to ur wierd list too!! :DDD

@everyman - this is an easy list for me to make..a lot more easier than 6 qualities I want in 'my guy'!!! :D

U & musafir had a looot of patience to put up with me in tvm!! my timings, if you noticed though changed to 11pm @ night!

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

Oh no!!!!! okay...your wish is my command :-D

Grey Shades said...

Hey you are the one who measured it! :P Anyway you know the traffic in chennai so i've given up trying to estimate my travel time a long time ago!

R said...

To begin with… I consider myself as ‘normal’ as ‘normal’ can be… But as someone pointed out, “Its all about discovering yourself”… So, here goes...

1. My childhood dream was to become a dinosaur when I grew up……….Guess, I have succeeded in the dinosaur part, not quite sure whether I have grown up or not

2. I start laughing hysterically when I am happy….Back in college, I used to have a crush on this teacher of mine, and whenever she used to enter our class, I was sooo happy to see her, that I couldn’t hold back my laughter…

3. I once fell in love with a neem tree…(:))

4. I often have an illusion of having already experienced something, while actually experiencing it for the first time…u know…deja vu…

5. I am really grumpy in the morning

6. I have an imaginary pet dog….which shares its name with me…R…

Now that wasn’t really weird…was it?? I have got friends who r really weird…I mean REALLY weird…but then that’s another verryyyy long story……

Aparna.G said...

@R- No.2 definitely falls in the wierd category..If I see someone laughing at me, I would certainly think twice before I say 'Hi'!! :D The others r as 'normal' as 'normal' can be, i would think..

ramu said...

topic is 6 wierd things abt u. 1st one, they r wierd and not u. similar in 6th. 4th is supposed to be a gift i guess. by just skipping 23:00 everyday u can live without food. great.

r said...

Falling in love with a neem tree, Wanting to be a dinosaur when I grow up, Having an imaginary pet dog by the same name......Hmmmm....'As normal as normal can be'!!
But then its all about perception :D

Aparna.G said...

@R - ok, u have convinced me.. u r right!!! U r wierd!!! :D

@ramu - i would starve to death if i waited till 23.00 every night & not eat, dont u think?

AJ{ax} said...

now enters the man - the only man !!! Well, to begin with, lemme say - I dont suffer from insanity, i just enjoy every moment of it !!!!!
Does that answer a lotta questions !!!
At appu - I repeat it, yet again..its in the genes..all in the genes...
At R - You just raaaccck man, really do....if i'd laugh at someone I liked, well..domestic WWE would be calling for sure !

Disha said...

This is my first visit to ur blog & i am lovin it! will visit more often.Btw, ur list of wierdness is hilarious.

keep up the good work:)

Aparna.G said...

@disha - thanks for visiting... plz keep visiting!!

@ramu - i c what u said in a new dimension..
I thought 6th made me more wierd that I was & thus, its inclusion here.. &1st -ya, its abt them, but, noone arnd me seemed to object & I thought it was just me being wierd!!

Arz000n said...

I cant help staring in disbelief at people who eat a 'dosa' with a fork & knife!
I've seen people eating beat that??

I have friends who are any day more wierd than I am!!
we guys have annual weirdo competition :)

Hehehe...nice tag!!

Everyman said...

Right right! now get off whatever it is u are sitting on and start BLOGGING!!!!

Arunima said...

I have already done it. thanks anyway