Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yeh Dosti...

To you guys/gals,

Who have made talk
Who made me think
Who made me fight
Who made me mingle
Who made me laugh
Who made me…

Who taught me how to have fun
Who taught me how to live a life
Who taught me all about life
Who taught me how to bunk college
Who taught me how to appreciate
Who taught me…

some of you are getting married..
some have moved outside India to study/ work
some of you have got married and moved on..
some of you are in different parts of India (like me :D )
some of you are still around
some of you have moved on..

none the less, I think we have this special bond that has kept us all in touch and connected to each other – no matter what..

All my friends – this post is a dedicated to you..

(P.S – this is not a farewell speech.. I am not dying.. I was just reminded all too suddenly of how disconnected we become in our own lives, and blogs/posts are wonderful ways of keeping in touch!)


Grey Shades said...

LOL! Surge of emotions eh? :)

zoxcleb said...

suddenly very emotional!!

i see the full moon is today ;)

AJ{ax} said...

LOL...that was sweet n simple...btw..temme how do u create links to other blogs !!!

Aparna.G said...

@GS & zoxcleb- it was a lot of people and things coming together -full moon included! :D

@ajax - its in the blog template - you can edit the settings,add members, etc...

Grey Shades said...

Whoa... and here I thought the full moon only influenced the werewolves! ;)

Nandhu said...

for i minute i thought u were writing a poem. thankfully, that wasnt so.

i am shain's friend, btw.

unforgiven said...

If you get a chance, look at the post "College ke woh din" on my blog.

Looking at what you've written, you'll probably like the song :) (I've got a recording also as a link off the post)