Monday, March 27, 2006

I can! I will! I have!

I have an urge –
To face all my challenges
To fight all my battles
To cross all my obstacles

I have the need –
To overcome my shortcomings
To fulfill my desires
To come out victorious

I have the determination –
To face anyone
To say the truth
To strive for the best

I will overcome this..
Its all in my hands now..
I can! I will! I have!


Musafir said...

u can if u think u can...

if it is to be, it is up to ME !!!

zoxcleb said...

How long have u been with the company ;-)
Still seem to have some spirit left in u! Strange.. but then TVM probably helps in that regard... :-D

Aparna.G said...

@zoxcleb-been here for a year an 3 months- ask annu abt my 'spirits', she can enlighten u..

@musafir - Here I am, this is me! Yup! Nobody can stop me now! :D

zoxcleb said...

Lol... will do!
i see its not been much time..
i give u another 6 months tops! (which is where i am now)

Grey Shades said...

Lotsa self realisation eh?

Everyman said...

this is mighty strange...i think its the air at kpuram!

all the same,

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

Seems like one of those days when everything is going right and you are dying to do something great isn't it?

Aparna.G said...

@zoxcleb-6 months is a long time,only time will tell, i guess..

@GS & anwesha- its a battle and am trying to come out victorious! this is me facing the seems otherwise, isnt it?

@everyman - mayb its kpuram..mayb its me..aarrgh! :D

Aparna.G said...

everyman -i am going mad, and mayb this is the other side of me!?!? a hidden talent frm a hidden window now in the open maybe..!?!?

unforgiven said...

I can't fight it..
Its my last chance at peace,

I can't resist it..
It screams for my release,

I can't embrace it..
It can take a heavy toll,

I can't deny it..
It can save my very soul..

zoxcleb said...

u are overly optimistic i must say...
good for u! :-)

Aparna.G said...

@unforgiven - thats a nice addition..

@zoxcleb - i guess its al in the attitude now, isnt it?

unforgiven said...

Looking back at it, not really..
but hey, seemed good when I wrote it ;)