Saturday, July 23, 2005

Checklists ..... !

I am one of those people, rather I used to be one of those people, actually I am not quite sure if I am one of those people..ummmm! well, okie..At work, I am one of those people who makes checklists! Okie! Fine! So, i accept!!! I do make a checklist & tick it off! Most often I write it down on one those little notepads we get at the store, but, at other times I make a mental checklist (which I dont really remember :D )

Just coz i make a checklist, you should not jump to the conclusion that I follow it..making a checklist is ofcourse very simple, following it and ticking off whats done and whats not might take the rest of my life, but thats okie, really...!

Checklists come in varieties..checklist for a list of items to carry when going somewhere, checklist on things to do, checklist while taking orders at the restraunt, checklist when you are about to venture on a stringent shopping trip ( with an almost empty bank account, checklist would be - WINDOW Shopping!!!!!!! :D ) and i could be inventive & innovative in making checklists..

I am those who can start a journey today without a destination and come back safe as well...I can swim in the ocean, I can take it as it comes...I dont need a plan per say...but, i do need a checklist of places I should visit while I am there or u know..places I should not miss...or checklist of the routes or ways of reaching the place...( I must remind you of the character in Dil Chahta Hain ( for those of you who have seen it) who says 5.01 - time to buy a balloon for my sweetheart or 9.26 pm - time to go to the loo or 5.31 - yoga!!!)....all i can say to you is.......
I am not THAT crazy!

So, ya, I did make a checklist this morning on my things to do:
1. Compile report to be sent next week(which I will work on tomorrow evening, coz I havent done it so far!!)
2. Weekend plans to be decided(I always make a plan...u know, just in case someone I dont like calls me to go out with them...must be prepared with excuses,after all!)
3. Check out houses to shift by next month (which I've been planning for a week now btw)
4.Check bank account balance (very important!!)
5. Call people I havent called in a while ( big time pending...and a big time list :D )
6. Send my friends resume to another friend, and mail him btw(half way through it!)
7. Blog on checklists (Done!)

I can tick off point no 7 after this is still pending!

You see, a checklist is a convinient method of evading all issues that might come up in the future because of 'bad planning', I can show people my checklist, and say, "hey, I did my share! So, there..." A checklist is proof that I dont always intend to procrastinate, but, if it does happen, I cannot be you can see, I do have a lot of things to do...and I am busy.... :p


Musafir said...

oops, didn't comment... slipped from my checklist...

Jana said...

Good practice ! I do also have a checklist while working and when travelling home.

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