Monday, June 27, 2005

Kal/Cal/Kol...same difference

It just goes by me when people cannot see the profoundity behind ' same difference'..not that it makes u a lesser mortal if u cant see the profoundity behind it, but, it just goes by me..thats all...o well, bygones!!!!

kolkata is a nice place to be...paint the town red? nah! its already red with either pan ( beeda/ beetel leaves with stuff in it) on the roads/footpath or red flags (from one communist state to another) no..i am not is good here..its culture & heritage calls out to me in every building in the city..the cabbies are mostly good chaps who want to make money, and nothing is a safe city to venture out alone...

of all that i have seen off it in 2 weeks is just a peek...a visitors look at the yet to understand the city from the localites perspective...that would take some time, i gather..

the city is cosmo...its filled with all the big malls that defines 'cosmo'...other definitions include skimpy clad women, accented english, regional language slangs, families ( atleast in india, any cosmo city is filled with families who want to explore what they missed out in their generation)..and also a sense of being lost in this world...i see it in their eyes...when 2 people talk, they talk of becoming big/famous in a big/famous city, often leaving out whats right in front of their eyes...

the city is culturally active, which makes it a whole lot easier for me..i hear there is a 'calcutta heritage walk' organised by an organisation- am looking forward to it...

Living alone is quite an experience for me...while in trivandrum, i had a lot of friends/relatives around me all the time...i never felt like i was in a new city...but, coming here...i got company accomodation for the initial months, which means i get a room all to responsibilities at life...i have been introduced around by my friends/contacts who have lived here before, but all of them have a life of their own, and so do i!!
I always wanted to start afresh...start anew..I realised I cant do that! what I can do is carry on and not make the same mistakes again, learn and understand...explore and live!!

What I can do, I have done... I have moved beyond mere existance...i live!!! i am alive...!!!

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Everyman said...

Woah!! What have we here??!!! And i dint even know abt it!!